Songs From The TV Series

by Pete Um

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Pricks Cold winds are blowing And it looks like my round Attrition is showing And you have to count me out 'Have to' will not wash As choice recedes with age And just like Sensational I have to get on my own page And as my small pal Thomas said It's that which really hurts And maybe with these little songs I don't get time to hear the words Marshal up your talents Like the boy from Eminem You've culture in your cannon And your balls as well No nuance in the newspaper Should escape a child of six To put it very simple: The fucking cunts treat us like pricks PRICKS I don't act dumb deliberately I'm grown but I'm confused But you'd have to be an idiot To miss how we're being used I'm not a fucking communist Don't talk as though I am You jaw like you're a yankee And I'm from Vietnam We'll be buried in our boxes With the death of Us and Them United and divided But who'll care about it then As I say I'm getting tired And I worry about my health To survive in our society I really need to save myself I need to harness all my energies Screw my courage till it sticks See how it drives me mental The fucking cunts treat us like pricks PRICKS
Can't be made Made to settle Can't be held Can't be handled Can't be took In one dimension Not a look Misapprehension Missed the depth Missed the richness Posing for your stupid pictures Just go back up sideways down Piss off back to Happytown Something in the way we're organised Manifests the values in our mind The values suit the powers we say be That tell us we're a meritocracy I have seen the photographs of lies And maybe in your ignorance they're right Your chatter about consumer items fine But please don't charge the cost to other lives.
Bacterium Deep in the gut of a sightless beast Can't bake no bread with my brewer's yeast Can't make no mark but to mark time Got a cold black heart in your white clime Got a past in my baggage Got a bent back Got a full heart Full of everything I lack Got a Chinese hope At the end of the world To turn shit around (...unintelligible) Got a tense heat In the core of my pain Gotta manifest my demon And spit in his brain Gotta walk like Charlie Chaplin Through a land of fear Gonna live off paranoia And Belgian beer
Something Wrong Think I'm gonna get changed Take off my face and Empty out my pockets Like the coppers tell a story I think I need a new brain Need a new witness My consciousness a copy Of false memories I had Wad it up inside you Tell yourself a story Ain't no more a science Than a game of Chinese whispers You gotta be a mekon You gotta get your freak on You gotta be a viet cong You gotta do something wrong Try and break a mountain Dance in the fountain Watch the cops eat ice cream And never make a difference If everybody pulls here At the same time and same place An avalanche will happen If we all just can survive it The trouble with my brain Is the trouble with your brain The personal is political Untame your life to ride it You gotta be a mekon You gotta get your freak on You gotta be a viet cong You gotta do something wrong


Resurrection Special 12-04-2020

This album was meant to be a vinyl release on Exotic Pylon circa 2013 but EP ceased operating just before it was due to happen. The long track called The Satisfaction Tapes is material recorded on a reel-to-reel tape recorder in the late 90s but all the other stuff was recent-ish at that time, so it was meant to be a 2 albums in 1 kinda thing, with two front covers. The artwork is unfinished

Thanks to Jonny Mugwump, Loukas Morley, Flux Of Pink Indians.


released April 12, 2020


all rights reserved



Pete Um Cambridge, UK

"A master of the miniature electro-acoustic song-poem, a form he has more or less invented and crystallised himself, his work displays a sardonic wit combined with a healthy misanthropy, in marvellous micro-collages of voice, instruments, samples, and electronics."

-Ergo Phizmiz
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